Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hey! I'm in Spain. As proof, look how easy it is for me to type an "ñ". And: ç, €, ºª, a´. I'm paying €0.50 per 12 minutes at a bar/café called "El Mojito" to give you this posting. Rather than tell you about the beautiful sunshine and all that here is a list of things that I meant to bring, but forgot to pack:

  • spare memory card for the digital camera
  • the download cable for the camera (This means you'll have to wait for photos of me in my beachwear.)
  • the maps of Torremolinos that I printed
  • sachets of herbal tea

Only 4 items so far.

And I wish I'd brought fewer shirts because there are super cheap shirts every where.


Jennifer Jane Whiteford said...

Torremolinos!!! Have you read The Drifters by James A. Mitchener? I worshipped that book when I was a wee and impressionable teen and in my last year of high school went to Torremolinos just to check it out and compare it to the book.

Have a great vacation!


Anonymous said...

Only a true blogger will pay for the privilege of blogging in an internet cafe in a foreign country while on holidays. Good for you Dave.

I guess since you forgot the camera download cable, you'll just have to draw everything you see for us.

I hear it's hot over there and people are dropping like flies. Stay cool Dave.

The Independent Observer said...

Buenos tardes, amigo! Too bad about the forgotten items. I have pretty solid connections in the global development sphere and could arrange to have some relief supplies flown in, say by next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hola David! It's "Maisie" and "Bernadette". We are very much enjoying watching you watch the beautiful women here in Torremolinos - and are looking out for topless women for you to ogle! The El Mohito is definitely a v. cool hangout.
Gracias por su visita!
"Maisie" and "Bernadette"

David Scrimshaw said...

It's not ogling when you're engaged in cultural anthropology.