Saturday, December 01, 2007

Opening at 155b - Exhibit #2: Bureau, Laalo and Puckering

Exhibit #2: The Writing is on the Wall, 2nd group exhibit, curated by Christopher Healey, and featuring Patrick Bureau, Trevor Laalo and Margie Puckering Went to this opening a week ago and finally got the photos up on Flickr. Margie Puckering created these mannequins in coveralls. I hope she had a studio to keep them in because they would have been creepy around the apartment.

The Hollow Women by Margie Puckering [panorama created in Autostitch]
Burning of the Library of Alexandria by Patrick Bureau[detail]
Patrick Bureau's work inspired me the most: scenes from history recreated with Lego (specifically, the Star Wars collection). The show lasts until Jan. 20, 2008. Gallery 155b 155b Loretta Avenue North Ottawa, Ontario [They are around to the side of the building.]


Anonymous said...

About the mannequins - cool concept, and great photo too. I'm going to go check it out.

zoom (by the way - the comments form on all the blogspot blogs have's no longer friendly to non-blogspot bloggers.)

Unknown said...

If you think "Destruction of the Great Library is HOT, wait 'till you see my show! 20 "historical paintings" hung salon style. Great Moments in Canadian Military History depicted in Lego.
Hope to see everyone at the Opening
MFA Gallery March 4th Concordia U's VA-building Montreal

David Scrimshaw said...

That could be worth a trip to Montreal!

Did you know about the Lego contests at Classic Space? There is one that ends on Feb 29 for making monsters.

The prize? More Lego!