Wednesday, July 29, 2009

House Band Reading Series

Friday night I was back at the Raw Sugar for readings by Rob Mclennan, Megan Butcher and Brendan McNally's House Band.

Again, I took a bunch of photos, but I also drew sketches of Brendan and Rob. I didn't sketch Megan because I've tried before and wasn't happy with the results.

Recommendation: This was just the kind of outing I love on a Friday night - an opportunity to be social and experience live, local art that doesn't require too much energy at the end of the work week.

The House Band reading is an excellent way to experience a novel. The featured guests are always among the top poets or writers in Ottawa.


1 comment:

lk said...

I do enjoy your drawings.
I wonder how life would be
if there were no photography...
only show
what was seen/happened....
Keep those pencils with you...