Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One of the things I have to do at this time of year is copy all the notes I made in my 2007 notebook. Here are a few snips of conversation:

"Now I can stop searching for the sad station" -- J.C. on having her cd player fixed

"I got up at a karoke bar and found out that Iron Man is harder to sing than it looks" -- Roy

"I figured you had a bunch of binder clips at home to put them together" -- a certain new lawyer's mother on why she wasn't shelling out to have his diplomas framed

Susan: What happened to the Gap?

Marcie: I think everyone is tired of men in khakis.

"They don't look like the ones in Sponge Bob" -- a young tourist commenting on jellyfish in the water off the coast of Newfoundland
"You can never have too much socks at a party" -- Jo Stockton after being complimented on her stunning socks
"Imagine someone vacuuming up a binder clip... it would be like a nightmare..." -- Sally trying to freak me out

"Do you still have a city under your bed?" -- a young woman sharing her affection for Lego

Person 1: We should try a thing where you're not allowed to think for a week.

Person 2: That's my career at Canada Post.

"When in doubt go plink, plink, plink" -- pianist Sally Robinson on accompanying musical theatre

Me: I make mistakes too.

Kathy A: You do?

Roy: Somebody get me a notebook to write in.


Jennifer said...

I have no memory of my quote! Or my stunning socks! I do remember giving Megan some socks with lizards on them, though.


Pearl said...

heh heh, love the gap one.