Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog de l'objet sculpté de David

I'm sorry to report that Babelfish is not up-to-date on the French word for Blog. Although, I do like their translation of "David Scrimshaw's Blog"

According to the Journal officiel of the French Ministry of Culture for 20 mai 2005 (NOR CTNX0508288K), La Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie has determined that the correct French word for blog is "bloc-notes". If you want a shorter form, you should use "bloc". [From Language Log]
I suppose I should tell BabelFish that it's "Le Bloc-notes de l'objet sculpté de David"

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Anonymous said...

Interesting linguistics, Monsieur Blog de l'objet sculpte de David.

Your scrupulous and immediate attention to this serious question bodes well for you in your future trade.