Sunday, September 18, 2005

Backsliding on the Clean Sweep

Around 7pm last night, the telephone interupted my reading of Van Duzer's The Law of Partnerships and Corporations. "Hi, it's Kathy, I'm at the Slovakian Embassy... they're redecorating here and they're getting rid of a whole bunch of furniture. Do you want a double lazy boy couch and a matching chair? We've got a truck and can bring it over in an hour..." Here's the thing. I've been thinking that the lounge area really needed a couch instead of the two arm chairs that are there. That way someone could sleep there. A couch that turns into a bed would be best, but as a 20th-Century male I've always viewed a recliner as a hallmark of masculine achievement and my lack of one as a secret shame. And I cannot turn down free stuff. "Okay," I said, "thanks, yes, please." So Kathy and a whole crew arrived an hour later with the couch and matching chair. It's okay that they're blocking the fire place, because it's still too warm for a fire, but I'm not really sure they'll fit in the lounge. And if they do, I don't know what I'll do with the arm chairs that are there now. So much for all my good Clean Sweep intentions.

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