Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Duelling Frame Stickers

A few years ago, Dave at Dave's Bike Dump on Catherine began printing up "frame" stickers to give people who bought bikes or had their bikes repaired at his shop. "One less car" they say. I had one until my old bike got stolen. Up on Bronson at Somerset, Bert at Bert's Bike Repair differed with Dave. "I saw that 'one less car' and said 'bullshit', all kinds'a people own one or two cars as well as a bike, so I printed these," he told me when he gave me a frame sticker that said "one more bike" after a tune-up. Last year, I smiled when I saw that Bert or one of his supporters had swarmed the Ottawa U campus and plastered all the bike racks with "One more bike" stickers. This year, Dave has struck. Now there are "One less car" stickers next to Bert's stickers. Is this the beginning of the Centretown Bike Repair War?

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