Friday, September 30, 2005

Tricking out the Bike IV

This time I'm featuring someone else's tricked out bike. This creative fellow has a granny grocery cart hacked into a bike trailer. It's carrying a variety of bags and is attached to the rear carrier rack which has an old milk carton fastened to it. His cute little dog rides in the carton. I apologize for the blurry shot. The light was low. I was lining up for a second shot when he started waving me to pass him. I don't know if he saw my camera in his rear view mirror and didn't want photos or if he just thought I was riding too close. I'm thinking that a dog you could trust to ride in a milk carton on your bike would probably be a good dog to have around. I plan to get a trailer for my bike, but not a granny cart. I don't think those skinny wheels will support the kind of loads I'd want to carry and even with a light load, I bet they have a lot of friction. I suspect this fellow gets a good workout going around town. He would do better with a couple of laundry bucket panniers, but probably doesn't want to look kooky.

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