Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Urban Hiding Spots

These photos were snapped at Laurier East and the Transitway. The upright wooden box has http://www.nusigmapi.com/rush_howto.htm written on it. Nu Sigma Pi is a local sorority, it seems. They're having a mixer with Kappa Sig this weekend. I'm not sure why their website url is on a wooden box. I assume that the upright box is covering one of these concrete pole mounts like the box on its side is not covering. A true investigative blogger would have lifted it to see what is underneath. I didn't because I was afraid there'd be a person inside. I wondered if I should put the sideways box with the crossed-out Pacman monster back upright and over the thing it was covering. I presume it is there to prevent people from hurting themselves on the exposed bolts. But, if I got a splinter, or put my back out lifting it up, the whole injury protection purpose would be lost. So better leave it to some guys with work gloves, I rationalized.

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