Thursday, October 20, 2005

Creativity and Corporate Law

Yesterday, I read that I should never put anything in my blog that I wouldn't want a prospective employer to read some day. [Think twice before posting. If you don't want your future boss to read it, don't post. from Jacob Nielson's Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes] So it's probably not wise of me to say that I'm finding my Business Organization class to be boring. In my most recent class we talked about shares. My interest perked up when I heard that you can get creative with the rights associated with different classes of shares. "Ah, ha," I thought, "here we go..." Turns out the creativity generally extends to things like giving certain classes of shareholder voting rights when they don't get a dividend for a few years or voting rights when a certain person dies. I don't think the corporate world is ready for the kind of shareholder rights I'd be looking to give out. Or what about the right to party?After class, while flipping through Life's Little Instruction Book for my How to Tell a Joke post, I spotted this classic:

#257: Never ask a lawyer or accountant for business advice. They are trained to find problems, not solutions.

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