Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Links 3 and a bonus

Productivity and Study Tips

  • How to send email to a professor [spotted on Lifehacker]
  • A study guide I wish I'd read before starting first-year
  • The Ultimate Notebook (new competitor to the Hipster PDA)
  • "Bureaucratic Black Arts" - SlashDot advice from bureaucrats: My favourite tip is called Yes* -- sending outside groups who ask your group to do something an enthusiastic reply saying you'll be happy to get started as soon as they get a sign-off on your cost estimate from the CFO.

Art and Creativity

Check out the Email I got today:

Hi David, I caught your “Holmes on Sandwiches” drawing Today on a random Holmes on Homes google search, I’ve printed it out here at the HOH production office and it Gave everyone a good laugh - It’s from your article "The Holmes on Homes Club" from Sept. 28,2005. Thanks Andrew ANDREW WOOD CONSTRUCTION COORDINATOR

I replied and told Andrew about the Holmes on Homework cartoon and he wrote back "That’s great! They’re both on the wall now."

You know one thing for sure, if the Holmes Group put them up on the wall, they're not going to be falling off on their own.


WFKA5M said...

Hey congrats on your brush with fame. Also, thanks for the Hipster PDA, it is a fine specimin and is bound to make my thesis work that much easier!

David Scrimshaw said...

Thank you, 5th Muse, for the compliment on the Hipster. If it does indeed make your thesis work easier*, it will all have been worthwhile.

Thanks also for the congratulations. I was in the law library when I got the email from Andrew Wood. It was really hard not to yell out, "How cool is this!"

*If nothing else, flashing the "Are you crazy?" card at people who ask you to do things you don't want to do will make things easier.