Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Office Security Tips

Today in Family Law, Professor Malpass told us that the Ontario Bar Association has a new book out, the Personal Security Handbook that has useful tips for anyone, like family lawyers, who could find themselves dealing with aggressive people. She read a bit. The only part I caught was that you could use a fire extinguisher to create an obscuring cloud.

To my mind, this is excellent advice only if:

  • you have an extinguisher that emits a cloud (many don't), and
  • you have a way to escape before the cloud dissipates. I'm not sure the handbook has this additional advice.

The Handbook's only available to Canadian Bar Association members and I don't feel like paying the $20 student membership fee, so I can't tell you if they provide this additional advice.

While Prof. Malpass taught us about various factors that go into determining what is in the best interests of the child in custoday and access (or parenting and contact) decisions, I thought about other things you could do with an extinguisher if the cloud didn't work or you don't have a trapdoor. I have to admit that I didn't really come up with anything particularly creative.

The weakness of using the extinguisher as a tripping device is that the aggressive person might just step over it.

That's where the box of marbles comes in. Dump them on the floor and the aggressive person will fall down in no time.


Anonymous said...

"Look at that. The contractor placed the trap door handle latch on the wrong side. How is the lawyer supposed to open the escape hatch? We're going to have to completely flip the office under the floorboards for this to work. You'll need to do the same for all the offices below us. This isn't going to be pretty. And all because of a 3 dollar latch."
-- Holmes on Escape Hatches

Anonymous said...

i think i missed that class. i am amused that this is what crosses your mind as she blathers on...hehe.

David Scrimshaw said...

Now, now, "blathers on" is not a fair characterization for Prof. M.

I've had some profs where what is crossing my mind is "please, let me out of here, how can I escape with nobody noticing?" and the misery is so severe that I can't even come up with cartoon ideas.