Friday, November 11, 2005

Advice for Law Students: Metal Cups

I scored one of those nice metal thermos coffee cups on Quiz Night. To be strictly honest, one of my team mates scored it. She didn't want it because a) one of the judges gave it to her so she'd "relax" and leave them alone and she didn't like being patronized and b) she didn't want a cup that had the name of a firm that wasn't the firm she'll be working at. (Isn't it good to see that loyalty already?) These reasons posed no problem for me. I won't be working for a firm, so who cares what my mugs say. But when I got home, I remembered that in my big purchase at the Dollar Bank last week, there was a package with wire brushes. About 60 seconds with the copper brush and the firm name was all but invisible. So, law students, if you have a bunch of cups with inappropriate firm names on them, spend a dollar for some wire brushes, and give yourself a collection of no name mugs.

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