Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Offering to the God of Business Organizations

Before last biz org class, David L noticed that my clementines and coffee cup looked like a Buddhist offering. He gave them a bit of a rearrangement. I assume it was to adjust their harmony. I took out my camera. "Why are you taking a picture of that?" he asked. "I've got a blog," I said. "It is constantly demanding content. Like a hungry monster." p.s. a big hi to Ms Smith who was very close to being in the "I'm not the only nerd" collection, but I thought referring to things that happened in torts class two years ago might be statute barred now.


Anonymous said...

it's true. i was embarassingly uber strung up over everything in that class. if the statute of limitations were to be ignored, i would also vote for mention of a certain someone's clipart inserts into their notes. thazzzit.

David Scrimshaw said...

a) Since that certain someone is still using clipart [Here's where I get my SCC judge photos] the Statute of Limitations wouldn't apply.

b) That certain someone once won a "who's the bigger nerd" contest because of the SCC judge photos in the notes.