Saturday, November 19, 2005

On the phone today

Flight of the Bumble Bee on the tuba played by someone who can do it is an inspiring thing.a Mom: I want to know where you find time for school work in between all the hours you spend on your blog. a Son: I'm more or less on top of things. [later in the same phone call] a Mom: We're disappointed, you know. a Son: {thinking, oh, no, did I forget something? The birthdays and the anniversary are in the summmer, what could it be?} You're disappointed? Why? a Mom: You didn't put up that picture of the tuba player you drew at the Salvation Army Band concert. I can see why you thought the quiz night was more important, but I wanted to see that picture. She has a point, I really should have given the Canadian Staff Band of the Salvation Army a decent review after they played here three weeks ago. They are an awesome musical group. Certainly the best brass band in Canada, and the rival of any other brass band in the world. I was getting goosebump action within the first eight bars of their opening piece.

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