Monday, November 14, 2005

A Subversive Idea

This picture doesn't go with this article, but I don't like giving you only text. This is for your notes on child immigration.I have just discovered that my blog is now the "I feel lucky" Google hit for Lee Air Farming. If you haven't been following along, Lee Air Farming is a legal case that established an important point in the Common Law, a corporation owner and director can also be an employee of the corporation and should be treated as an employee when acting in that capacity. I drew a picture of a crashing airplane for my summary, and now every day, two or three people who I assume to be law students pop in for a visit. I assume they are hoping for some illumination of the turgid writing of the British law lords. (If you're Canadian, one thing you can take pride in is that our Supreme Court Justices, or their clerks, write far more clearly than the top judges, or clerks, in any other jurisdiction.) This means that I have an opportunity to give a message to future corporate lawyers all over the world. Today someone popped in from Turkey. I think I'll start with a link to an Amnesty International page called Business and Human Rights - Doing Right If anyone has other good ideas, I'm receptive. (Good idea criteria: funny is good, respectful is good, heavy-handed is bad.) Previous posts:


Anonymous said...

Nice drawing...
Thank you for writing those encouraging words for me, I appreciate it.

David Scrimshaw said...

No, thank you, Lucy,

"nice drawing" from you is a high compliment!

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the second half of your second comment on my blog.
All's well, anyhow.
This is just a thought, would you be interested in getting some illustrations for your magazine Scribbles?