Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thank you, George!

A couple days ago I mentioned that I should be writing about tribunal accountability. It's actually the topic of my major paper. It's not a bad topic for a guy like me. On the law side there are finicky issues of independence of the tribunal and what the standard should be for the particular tribunal I'm interested in. Then there's all this stuff about data collection, statistics and reporting. Yes, the field of expertise that bought me the ScrimChateau. George Radwanski (CP file photo)One little problem I've had is that while I had found a good set of materials on tribunal reform from the early 90s, I wasn't finding anything recent. I'd go to my various search engines and type in "tribunal accountability", "tribunal independence", and "tribunal funding" and get nothing. Then I'd switch "tribunal" with "administrative court" and do the same thing over again. Nothing. Then again with "Commission". Perhaps you can see how discouraging this could get. Then I thought I'd get a little background on why there's a perceived need for accountability mechanisms from the tribunals. So I typed in "Radwanski". And I now have four recent articles that say exactly the kinds of things that I need them to say. Thank you, George. I may even find a way to put your name in the title, maybe: "Tribunal Accountability and Independence: Remembering Radwanski" Links: CBC News: Radwanski apology doesn't stop MPs finding him in contempt of Parliament The Radwanski Affair: Excellent summary with timeline and "lessons learned"

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