Monday, December 05, 2005

It's not procrastinating when...

The computer's been acting up. Blue screens of death, IE and Word crashing, do I want to send a message to microsoft? yes, but not the message they have in mind. But at least when the computer is rebooting, I have an excuse to do other things. For example, I finally hung my globe up. I've been wanting to have a globe hanging in my room for the longest time. Then on another reboot cycle I took some photos with the dark curtain behind the globe and the ceiling lights aimed in just the right way. There's an easy blog posting, I thought. But, I realized, next time I see Kathy A she's going to tell me that this was either kooky or goofy.

You can tell Kathy that we think this posting is:
neither, but putting this poll in is both
shouldn't you be studying?
it is procrastinating when your computer is working.

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