Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Signs that 2006 will be a good year

Francis Heaney has promised to post a "6 Things" cartoon once a week this year and he's off to a great start!


Coyote has resolved to take black and white photos and not create weapons of mass destruction! [link]


You can't buy disposable champagne flutes for a quarter!Dave T found champagne flutes at Ikea for 25 cents a stem! If you're having a party and need five dozen champagne flutes, give me a call.


Until Dave T moves out, I've got a humongous print of Lucy's Topography hanging in my room.


Janet C is posting excellent photos from Argentina and appears to be having an excellent time. [Link]


Anonymous said...

Not your strongest posting to date, David. Lacking focus. We need another pie chart or bar graph.

David Scrimshaw said...

Hey Grumps, I appreciate your feedback. You'll be happy to know that I'll be putting up a bar graph next week, and I hope you find my latest post (Bike Tricking 6) to be focussed enough for you.