Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Really Tricked Out Bike

Way back in 1984, I took an Emergency Medical Technician course at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I can't say that the course has ever helped me save a life, but I did gain a friend, my back-boarding partner, Ed Buckner. I've stayed in touch with Ed over the years. He's a good guy, the kind of guy who'd mail a package of spaghetti to a CUSO volunteer in Africa who mentions in a letter that he hasn't had spaghetti for a while and misses it.

This is one tricked out bikeEd is an entrepreneur. Over the years, he has been involved in many different businesses. I'm always interested in what he's up to. In my second last email from him he told me he was involved in a mobility product in Chicago. I asked him to tell me more if it wouldn't require me signing a non-disclosure agreement.

The mobility product is the Conferenc Bike (or CoBi), and they're hoping to have twenty of them in downtown Chicago on intersecting loops so people can buy a day pass and get all around the city, or just go for a 15-20 minute ride.

According to the CoBi website:

Everyone who rides a Conference Bike lights up smiling.

It lowers inhibitions and after just a few minutes even complete strangers begin talking to one another. Children come running. Adults are transformed into children.

Ed says "the economics are amazing". I hope he's right, because I'd love to see them here in Ottawa going down Gladstone and up Elgin.


Fingers said...

What fun! I'd love to be on this and yes, I wish it weren't only in Chicago.

S said...

I saw this contraption on the Amazing Race last fall. The teams had to race them around a track. It wasn't as exciting to watch as, say, the episode where they ... hey wait a minute, there were no exciting episodes last fall. It did look fun to be doing it though.