Tuesday, April 04, 2006


lemmieRocky the foxMoosey the moose

I am pleased to bring you some of the products of Sonja McKay's recent multi-media art class. Sonja tells me that she has a series of cartoons featuring these characters and another named Harey. "Moosey helps Harey the hare find a new place to live after Harey is evicted by a forest fire, and Lemmie and Rocky also figure in the adventure." I've asked for the whole series, but Sonja had some lame excuse about it being too long.

Update: Now available at Sonja's Highrise Blog divider Remember the red mitten on the hydrant marker at Louisa and Bell? It looks like the City staff who remove the hydrant markers in the spring have a practice of leaving lost mittens on the hydrants.

p.s. I have two big papers due very soon. This means you can expect lots of blogging from me.

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Unknown said...

its pretty interesting that you used the name "Rocky" as the name of your fox, because i am a fox named Rocky! XD http://rockykitsune.deviantart.com