Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Impatient Gardener and Another Critter

Pam's Blooming Daffodils

My gardener Pam is gifted. I would have to fire her if MPAC took her work into account because my property assessment would go through the roof.

While the daffodils I'm responsible for on the Lebreton Side of the house aren't even close to blooming, the ones she put on the front of the house are in full glory!

I asked her how she did it and she said, "I couldn't wait, I just had to make a trip to Home Despot!"

It is not a fat cat, I'm telling you, it's a raccoon!

Meanwhile, now that I've got you depending on me for images of small mammals, I want you to take my word for it that this fuzzy brown thing photographed earlier today on top of a neighbours garbage can is a raccoon.

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