Thursday, April 27, 2006

Web Round-Up

Instructive Video for those of you in a relationship.


Graz has a blog about her new life in Scotland! (and she says I inspired her, shucks.)


Janet added a posting last weekend. She's working 3 jobs in 3 different Chilean towns. If you'd like to throw in your unsolicited advice, I created a poll in her comment thread.


Finally because it's clear that cute little animals are more popular with you people than my brilliant inventions and observations, here's Dennis the Overthinking Beaver.


JuliaR said...

That photo looked more like a marmot to me - big eyes, head not flat enough, not enough space between the nose and the mouth. So I looked up beaver at Wikipedia to see if there was a photo and found this outrageous sentence.

"The American Beaver (C. canadensis) is the national animal of Canada."

The American beaver indeed. Why did they call it Castor Canadensis if it was not Canadian? I feel I should write in to amend this egregious error.

I tried finding a good photo of a real beaver, face-on but I used the Latin and Googled “c. canadensis” instead and only got blurry photos - you’d think it was a sasquatch. Anyway, I still think the Onion guy looks like a marmot.

coyote said...

I believe you're right; I have known several beavers personally, and this guy ain't one...

David Scrimshaw said...

Julia and Coyote, I encourage you both to take steps to correct the errors in Wikipedia and the Onion. (I'm on holiday.)

For reliable beaver information, you might go to the Canadian Wildlife Service PSA or to their fact sheet.

Anonymous said...

That relationship video was awesome :) And congrats on finishing on finishing up!!
- Troy

kateroo said...

Hi David,
Your faithful readers and poll contributors should be informed that Janet has, in a moment of inspiration (or plain exhaustion?!) disregarding poll results and DROPPED CACHAGUA!!! We'll have to find some way to mail down a smog mask to make her Santiago stays more bearable.

Congrats on finishing law school! Maybe you should, in your new free time, open up a school for beginner bloggers - Graz is the first of three new blogs I've seen today that are inspired by yours!

Way to go.

David Scrimshaw said...

Thank you, Kate and Troy, for the congratulations.

Kate, three new blogs today inspired by me? There's Graz's blog, and Sonja's blog, but what's the third one?