Thursday, April 20, 2006

Windows Tips and Sweater Penguins

Techie Stuff:

I'm working on a new Dell computer running Windows XP, but until recently, I used a 7-year-old clone running Windows 98. A main factor in my keeping that machine going so long was following the advice in LangaList newsletters.

Even when all the technical stuff goes over my head, there's usually something fun at the end in the "just for grins" section.

This week we have:

Meanwhile for those of you not ready for me to stop blogging critters, we have New Zealand Mormons knitting sweaters for penguins. [Link to story]

1 comment:

coyote said...

Oooooh, sure. Penguins are soooo cute, soooo easy to get all smooshy over. But d'ya see any of these so-called Christians knitting sweaters for squid? I thought not....