Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blogs I Like: Asteroidea Press

There are some blogs I really like, but are so revealing of the authors that a paternal urge makes me want to protect them by not making them more public.

Megan Butcher's Blog is one of these.

She also writes about sex. [Apparently there's software out there that will hide selected blog postings from selected IP addresses, so I could hide a recommendation of her blog from certain readers (namely you, Mom and Dad) but I don't have that software.]

This week, Megan has written a powerful series of postings about her experience of anorexia, and I think it's time I got over my hangups and told you that you should read these and if you want another blog that's always interesting and sometimes makes your eyes pop out, add her to your regular reading list.

On her poetry blog, she has a poem about being in the Toronto General Hospital that goes with the series:

If you get a chance to hear her, Megan also gives a good poetry reading.

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R said...

Thanks. Asteroidea Press is my new crack.