Friday, May 19, 2006

DanceAbility - Monday, May 29, 7PM

Photo: Sandy Foote  Dancers: Dallacy Tukkiapik, Karla Lane, Robert Chartier

This event sold out last year. So although I've volunteered to help out with it, I'm not plugging it to increase sales.

I'm telling you about it because if you go, you'll be happy you did. (And perhaps feel some sort of gratitude that will result in you returning the favour or forgiving me the next time I do something stupid.)

You'll be happy because you'll be part of one of the most engaging performances you've ever seen and will learn something new about dancing. Something you didn't know there was to learn. If I could put it in words and tell you about it, I would. But you have to see it.

SPLASH! An evening of improvisational and choreographed dance by DanceAbility's Sunday community performing group. Co-directors of Sunday group: Renata Soutter and Shara Weaver Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre Special guest: Steve Wint

Come wearing beach wear (sun, swim or surf wear) for a chance to win prizes!

Tickets, $20 by pre-purchase only, will be mailed For payment by VISA call 613-238-7838 or contact

For alternative ticket purchase arrangements call Renata 819-773-7523 or Shara 240-9775

Tickets will not be available at the door.

Appetizers compliments of Mekong Restaurant


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S said...

I saw a DanceAbility performance last year, and I concur, they were awesome.

On Michael Dennis. I would like to hear him read about the pleasures of seeing whales from your front window. I imagine you need binoculars. I have so far resisted the urge to go on one of those whale watching tours, and maybe Micael's poetry would help keep that itch at bay.