Friday, May 26, 2006

Lunch on the Block: New Shawarma Joint and European Chocolate

Click for a bigger view of Dave's gorgeous Iris

An Iris Blossom

When I left for school this morning, no blossoms, when I got home, here it was, the first iris of summer. Does my Louisa side gardener Pam have iris blossoms? No. Only me.


Mediterranean Shawarma and Grill

The Mediterranean Shawarma and Grill is the latest business to make a go in one of the city's business death spots. The last enterprise to try this store-front on Gladstone around the corner from Bell Street was the Windy Side Cafeteria. I had their spicy chicken and fries a few times, but it was they weren't very good and it was so obvious that they weren't going to make it, I got depressed going there.

The Mediterranean has lots of tables. Everything is clean. And empty. I was the only customer. The man at the counter talked on a hand-held phone putting it down only long enough to tell me how much to pay him and pour me a glass of water. So, I thought I was going to be giving you folks a bad review. But I actually enjoyed my $4.00 chicken shawarma. Fresh pita, crisp lettuce, the garlic sauce had a bite without being overwhelming, and they'd cooked the chicken just right. I'll be going back if they last long enough. divider

Wedel: Where I score my chocolate

Living a block from Bell Street has a number of perks. For instance, if you like fire trucks, you get to see a few every week or so. Also, police cruisers are generally within earshot. A less known perk is Wedel. It's a tiny little shop selling East-European food items in what used to be somebody's living room.

I'm not worried about these guys going under. They're around the corner from the Polish church.

And their chocolate selection is impressive. Today, I picked up a 100g bar of Wawel dark chocolate (90% cocoa) for $1.99. It's one serious chocolate hit, and surprisingly smooth and creamy.


zoom said...

That's one beautiful iris - good work!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Wedel too, with a Polish friend who goes there all the time. Definitely a classy joint. Another benefit is there's lots of parking along Bell Street.

Jennifer Jane Whiteford said...

I pass Wedel on my way home sometimes and have always admired it but never gone in. Now that I know about the chocolate, I don't see how I can stay away.


Asteroidea Press said...

*Where* on Bell St. is this? I've been up and down that street bunches and never noticed Wedel. This must be corrected.

David Scrimshaw said...

It is at 188 Bell St N, across from "Fairview Towers". [Contrary to the map I've linked to it is about halfway between Gladstone and Louisa, in the middle of the block, not on the corner.]

[p.s. Thanks for asking, I meant to put the address in the posting, but couldn't find a listing for them and didn't bother to get the address yesterday. This demonstrates one of the reasons real journalists look down on us bloggers - leaving out critical information.]

bob said...

Thats funny you mention the shawarma dude using the phone. I haven't been in, but a friend of mine was pretty grossed out when they put on nice new plastic gloves to start making their sandwhich, paused to use the phone mid sandwhich making, and then continued, all without changing the gloves. Phones are havens for bacteria, totally negating the use of gloves (imo). O well, we can't all be super clean.

PS - i'm sick of shawarma's. I think my body has a fixed limit of that garlic sauce, and just thinking about it makes me sick... i do like the sandwhiches though, and the potatos... but for some reason always have unpleasant experiences getting/eating/thinking about them. Never again!!!! (unless intoxicated).