Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My World Cup Team? Who else?

Most World Cup years I need to go through a complicated process to decide what country to cheer for. Ideally, I look for: (1) Underdog status, preferably a "less developed" country; (2) Relatively good human rights record; (3) Reputation for friendliness and (4) Ability to throw a party.

But this year, Ghana, my favourite country that isn't Canada qualified. No need for consulting any reference materials.

On Saturday, they beat Czechs, 2-0! Massive upset!

Is it just a soccer game? Here's what my friend Steve Tetteh wrote from Accra in an email to a few of us who used to live in Ghana:

Warm Regards from Ghana. I've never, in my life, felt this good to be a Ghanaian. Victory over the Czechs was so sweet and it shows what determination can do in the life of man or a nation.

The oneness shown by all -- that we belong to one country, no religion, no tribe, no class, no nothing, only Ghanaians and Africans and human beings -- celebrating victory was so emotional. I hope it continues this way to the next stage. I pray that this approach will form the basis for a change in attitude of Ghanaians to life.

Tomorrow they play the United States, a country that would not score well on my list.


Anonymous said...

How much of the Ghana (your team!) - Czech game did you watch, Dave? I found it extremely exciting. How about you?

I will certainly be cheering for them when they take on the US tomorrow (Thursday) - Sportsnet (ch 27 in Ottawa) at 10:00am.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the deal is with the Ghana player waving the Israeli flag?

David Scrimshaw said...

GG: Did I say I watch any of the games? I can't watch sports when anything serious is on the line. And when it's not serious, it's too boring.

Doodle: No idea.