Thursday, June 08, 2006

Parking Lot Critters

Kathy A tells me the link to the movie of the puppies meeting a cat for the first time was the first interesting thing I've had on the blog since Benito's cat palace in January. So, here are some critters for you.

First we have the baby squirrel that found Mika in the parking lot behind her store. I say it found Mika because it ran to her and followed her until she adopted it.

Sadly, little Hazelnut failed to thrive, but Mika and her boys gave him a good life for the few days he had.


Michelle's new friend Ford is thriving. He's named Ford because she found him under a Ford truck in the parking lot at her work. Ford likes to cuddle.

And I'm told he likes to wake people up at night. I've put Ford up at KittenWar. As I post this he's not been approved, but we'll see how he does later.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about the squirrel. He was cute. And I'm sure he wouldn't have grown up into the kind of squirrel who eats all the buds off people's rosebushes and digs up their avocado trees and lemon trees and bulbs. R.I.P. Hazlenut.