Thursday, July 27, 2006

Final "Creacion de entradas"

I've got a hectic last day in Torremolinos ahead of me. But not as hectic as Marcie's day:

  1. 12:30pm Meet the Independent Observer at his posh hotel for brunch.
  2. The El Mojito for email.
  3. Write a few postcards.
  4. Suntan back of legs.
  5. Eat a helato.
  6. Shop for a teeny little top.
  7. Go to beach.
  8. Supper.
  9. Disco.

My day is less hectic because instead of items 3, 4 and 6, I've only got "pack".

I've got lots of sketches from my anthropological research at the disco. I'll try to upload it all on the weekend. For photos and video footage, we'll have to wait a couple of weeks until Marcie gets back to Canada with her fancy camera.


Fingers said...

anthropological resarch at the disco?

The Independent Observer said...

Marcie and I have an even busier final day in Fes before moving on to Marrakech:

1. Pretend we are locals by reading the Moroccan daily Le Matin at breakfast.
2. Spot some barbary apes.
3. Make a day trip to Meknes.
4. Buy our advance overnight coach tickets from Marrakech to Tangier.
5. Shop for teeny little fezs.
6. Check out the Wassim Disco.
7. Drink more Casablanca beer.