Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Appearance

I had my first appearance before a judge today. Asked for an adjournment on consent in Small Claims Court. Was very nervous about whether I said enough and when I should stand up and sit down and all that. How nervous? Let's just say that several hours later, M&Ms were melting in my hand, not in my mouth.

But don't worry, I got my adjournment.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations David, on achieving yet another momentous milestone. Did you get to wear the gown and everything?

The standing up and sitting down stuff seems quite random, just like in church. I just follow along with what everybody else is doing...they stand, I stand, they sit, I sit, they kneel, I kneel, they eat with the big fork, I eat with the big fork. You get the idea. Sometimes in court they even shout it out for you, like "ALL RISE!" But they're not consistent with that one, so don't count on it. ;)

David Scrimshaw said...

I was good with the "All rise". It was when there was a long silence and I realized I was the one who was supposed to be filling it.

Aye yi yi.