Saturday, September 16, 2006

How many days does it take to fix the circuit breaker?

I haven't had electricity in my bathroom since I returned from Spain. I assumed the circuit breaker blew while one of my friends was here using the old computer and the fan while I was away because they'd both been plugged into different sockets when I returned.

With one thing and another it took me a couple of days to go down to the basement to reset the circuit breaker. None of the breakers were in the off position, but I made my best guess as to the correct one and switched it off and then on.

Ran upstairs, still no power. Back downstairs, tried again. No luck.

A few days later, I went back down with a flashlight. Double-checked to make sure that I had the right circuit breaker, toggled it, came upstairs. Didn't work. Back downstairs, I reset every single circuit-breaker. Still no lights in the bathroom, and now I had to reset the clock radios, the VCRs, the TVs and the clock in the microwave.

So for six weeks I've been showering and shaving in the dark. It's been like my old days living in Ghana.

Finally this morning, I googled reset home circuit breaker. The second link took me to Acme How To's How to Reset a Circuit Breaker. Where I was told:

If no circuit breakers were tripped and you still do not have power at an outlet, there may be a wiring fault, the outlet may be defective or it may be on a GFCI controlled branch circuit.

On the next page, I'm told that a GFCI outlet has two little buttons on it: "Test" and "Reset". Don't I have something like that? I thought to myself. I went into the bathroom and next to the mirror there's an outlet with a red button and a yellow button. I pressed the red button and the lights came on.

Do you suppose there are other things going on in my life that I'm just living with when two minutes of research would clear them up for me?

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Anonymous said...

You probably saved me some money down the road David, because I probably would have called an electrician if it ever happened to me.