Monday, October 09, 2006

Al Tuck at the Manx

Al Tuck from PEI played some nice music last night at the Manx.

Darren Arseneault happened to also be in town for the weekend and they ran into each other by chance earlier on Sunday, so Darren brought his banjo and joined in on a few songs.

Katrina Sturton also joined Al on a few, playing strong, confident harmonica lines.

Katrina is new to town and she just bought an accordion. We made sure that Katrina got Sally's contact info. Accordion players need to stick together.

[And if you're wondering about the drawing, this is what happens when I don't properly check my supplies when I go out. I had no black pen, and my only blank index card was one from an obsolete library catalogue.]

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Anonymous said...

Your drawings are really good.