Monday, October 02, 2006

Christine Marchant at Abigail's

Christine Marchant used to sing in a trio with Margot and Barb. (For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the trio.) But now she's gone solo and she's putting together an album of material. Saturday night she had a concert in Abigail's living room to debut the songs. Christine has a beautiful voice and writes sweet songs.

One of them had a part that Christine thought could use a yodeller. I think it might work even better with Mexican trumpets. (Of course, almost everything works better with Mexican trumpets.)

Abigail has a well behaved dog named Amos and a good living room for house concerts.

Speaking of living rooms, one day, Christine was at Julia's place (Julia who owns Pukka Gallery) and Christine revealed she'd reached a point where she thought she might never write another song. So Julia made Christine stay in her living room until she wrote a song. It turned out to be great.

This raises a number of possible morals to the story:

  1. Julia should invite Christine over more often.
  2. Other people should make a point of not letting Christine leave their homes until she has written a song.
  3. Perhaps we should all be inviting songwriters over and not letting them leave until they've written a song.

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