Sunday, October 22, 2006

Perpetual Motion Roadshow #37 - Oct. 20 in Ottawa

I finally made it out to a Perpetual Motion Roadshow. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I'd have been happy to hear more from each of the people who performed, read, spoke or sang.

Luna Allison from Montreal gave us thoroughly engaging poems. I especially liked her love gone wrong pieces. Excerpts I jotted down:

Love is a project, and I'm a workaholic.

... as long as you're here, you're taking the place of someone who could actually love me.

Dave Fried from Chicago: punk, gay and funny. He brought the house down with his comparison of the naturalness of being gay compared to the artificial, not-what-God-intended, nature of flying in airplanes.

Ocho and his songs made a nice break. I also enjoyed his sound check. Instead of saying "check one two", he sang Bryan Adams Summer of '69.

Elliot Harmon does his research. I'd forgotten all about Joust, the arcade game from the early '8os. I wound up dreaming about playing Joust later that night (or early the next morning.)

As an added bonus, I got to sit behind Megan, who was sitting with excellent, erect posture, and not leaning back against the backrest. [Because of this apparently.]

And I also had an excellent angle for drawing a profile of the famous Jenn Whiteford.


Jennifer Jane Whiteford said...

Hey! Thanks! Don't think I've ever been drawn before (by anyone other than myself, that is!)


David Scrimshaw said...

You might have been drawn without your knowledge.

Just last Wednesday, I was on the 95 Bus reading my Provincial Offence Prosecutor's manual when I noticed that a young man across from me was sketching something in a pad and frequently looking up at me.

I figured it wouldn't be fair of me to do anything to stop him so I tried to pretend I didn't notice what was going on.

Then I thought, wait, I should take his picture.

Then just as I switched on the camera, I thought, no, I should sketch him!

Then just as I got my notebook and pen out, he stood up, pulled the yellow cord and went to the doorway where I couldn't see him.

But back to you, Jenn, how is that possible? Do you only date writers and musicians? No visual artists?