Monday, December 11, 2006

A Charmed Monday Morning

08:55 - the clerk at the 7-11 is a beautiful young woman who gives me a radiant smile and a cheerful "Have a nice day" as I buy bus tickets. What an excellent interaction to have as my first human contact of the day, I think.

08:57 - the #85 pulls up at Gladstone and Bronson just as the light turns allowing me to cross the street and catch it.

08:58 - the bus driver has his hand over the payment container. He's probably out of transfer paper. Free bus ride.

09:10 - I have emails telling me I can close three files, no further work required on them. "Think of it as an early Christmas present" says one of my correspondents.

09:55 - A hard-working but wordy colleague tells me he will be unable to attend my 10:30 meeting.

10:45 - My 10:30 meeting ends. Fifteen minutes. Very brief for this type of meeting.

10:50 - I tell Matt about my string of good luck. "You should buy a lottery ticket," he tells me. I reply, "Oh, no, with luck like this, you don't want to push it. " "That's right," he says, "Just let it happen."


Anonymous said...

I agree with Matt, whoever he may be.
Two weeks ago, I dreamed I ran a restaurant called "Super 7 Restaurant." Should've just left it there, and for the rest of my life enjoyed the thought that I possess supernatural powers. But no, I went and bought a Super 7 lottery ticket. Now I know I don't.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear what blessings befell you in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful.