Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DanceAbility - Works in Progress 2006 - Documentation

Because I am the new volunteer coordinator for DanceAbility, last week I was looking for people to help with the Works in Progress show. So many people want to help it is actually very easy to find someone to do just about anything you could imagine.

Shara and Renata had asked me to find people to help document the performance, and I wound up with three photographers, two video camera operators, and a writer with a laptop. Renata had thought it would also be great to have a visual artist there to sketch. Unfortunately nobody stepped forward.

The night before the show, I almost found someone at the Collective Gulp show, but on the performance day, she felt nervous because she hasn't drawn anything for a long time, and so she shot video when one of our camera guys had to cancel and then she sold baked goods.

You know what happens when you're the volunteer coordinator and you don't find someone to do a job?

You do it yourself, and hopefully, you do it in such a way that others realize that they could also do it, and in fact, do it better.

Mind you, that is not what the "I'm not doing it any more" is about. That's a quote from the performer in the flashy blue shirt with the stripey things. I suspect he'll be doing it more, just like I will be.

Update: Photos by Eric Mercier and Stephen Beaton now up on Webshots. Click here for the album, or here for a slide show.


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