Thursday, February 22, 2007

Language and Power Tips #3 - Hatred of Topic and Happiness in the Moment

Hatred of Topic

The most interesting suggestion from the Language and Power class for what to do when you hate the topic of a class:

Find someone in the class who is really into it and make friends. Talk to them about it. Ask them for help. Some of their enthusiasm may rub off and you'll maybe learn more.

Happiness in the moment is more important than later satisfaction...

People were gamely suggesting "think of the future..." and things like that. One guy said it was easy for him: given the deal with his parents, the consequences of doing badly overpower any "happiness in the moment". I tossed this one out:

Make the work more pleasant. Listen to your favourite music when you are writing a paper. Go somewhere nice to read. Have your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage when you're doing schoolwork.

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lk said...

"Happiness in the moment is more important than later satisfaction..."
I knew there was another version of
"addicted to the process, not the end result" phrase I just tossed at my mother-in-law (when telling her why I keep arting)
which might be easier for her to understand.