Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Purchased Treasures: Such is the outlook this cool character provides!

I have a confession to make. I often take a morally self-righteous stand against consumerism, but the fact is that I am as much of a greedy materialist as the rest of you. Today I engaged in a virtual orgy of shopping.

It started at the used book store associated with the public library in Nepean at Ben Franklin Place. I found two old books for six dollars each. One by Captain Marryat, who, as you know, was a distinguished British Naval officer in the Napoleonic Wars and later a novelist. The other a small copy of THE TRAVELS AND SURPRISING ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN.

I have no idea when this copy was printed but it starts with a page that says:


HAVING heard, for the first time, that my adventures have been doubted, and looked on as jokes, I feel bound to come forth and vindicate my character for veracity, by paying three shillings at the Mansion House of this great city for the affidavits hereto appended.

This I have been forced into in regard of my own or, although I have retired for many years from, public and Private life; and I hope that this, my last edition will place me in a proper light with my readers.

How could I not get excited by a book that starts with affidavits of its veracity? There are a number of things I want in the book I hope to publish one day. Affidavits of veracity have now been added to the list.

On my way home from work, I took a different route from usual and realized I would be passing Dollar It, the wonderful store that has replaced Big Buds and taught us that change is not always bad. Dollar It sells the Mars Bar 2-pack for $1.00. This is $0.50 less than any other store in Centretown, and $0.75 less than many. This means that I have to go in when I am on that part of Bank Street. While I am there, I thought, I must have a look at the latest marvels of Chinese manufacturing.

And marvels I found. I won't share them all with you, but look at the excellent colours in the modelling clay package ($1.00)! I believe this will make a young lad happy on the weekend.

And how about this adorable notebook?


A character that reminds you of the value of friends! It's fun to be with friends. Being with friends boosts your power

Friends bring you joy

Such is the outlook this cool character provides!

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Asteroidea Press said...

I bought "splendid heat insulating mattresses" at Dollar It for Grace and Greg. They were bubblegum pink rubbery hot pads designed to look like doilies. Splendid indeed!