Thursday, March 08, 2007

Uses for Plastic Containers - Protecting Art

The Art:

A gorgeous painting by Michelle April looks perfect in the entry way next to the cupboard.

The Problem:

The cupboard door could swing open and damage the painting!

The Solution:

An empty date tub tacked to the baseboard makes a nice bouncy door stopper.

The Challenge:

What cool thing can be put in the container?


Anonymous said...

It's right by the entry way? How about slippers and hand-knit socks for guests, so their feet don't get cold?

Or it could be your "give-away" box, where you put stuff you don't want anymore and encourage your friends to rifle through it and take what they want.

Gorgeous painting, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Jellybeans mixed with plastic crocodiles.

David Scrimshaw said...

Pearl, as you can see, I went with Zoom's slipper idea. Sometimes Sally comes by and brings her dog into my house. I don't think a container on the baseboard with jelly beans and plastic crocodiles would be a good idea then.

Not to say they wouldn't be appropriate elsewhere.

Zoom, thanks so much for the slipper idea. The container wouldn't be big enough for my give-away box. I already have a couple of shelves in the lounge devoted to that.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Russia for a few years and one of my enduring, endearing memories is how everybody, rich or poor, had slippers lined up just inside their doorway for guests. Usually big man-sized slippers, but it was the most hospitable gesture in the world, even if you had to clomp around or shuffle down the hallway to the kitchen or living room. Juliet