Thursday, April 12, 2007

Uses for Plastic Containers - PET sea creatures

Zoom, one of Ottawa's most generous bloggers sent me an email today that said:

I saw this and immediately thought of you and Megan and the quest for alternative uses for plastic containers: It's extraordinarily astroidean, don't you agree?

I do agree! And I bet Megan will be totally into it when she sees that soldering irons and heat guns are involved!


accidental altruist said...

ooooooooooooooh. i tried to find info on purchasing those beauties... i had no luck. :-S

Anonymous said...

Dave, for some reason several things have reminded me of you the last few days. For example: Do you have a book on hold at the library? If so, it was right next to my book on hold at the library. We're alphabetically related.

David Scrimshaw said...

Goodness, Zoom, you're giving away a big clue about your secret identity there!

In fact, I did have a book on hold. Did you notice how fat it was? I flipped through and decided I didn't even want to carry it home because there was no way I'd be able to read even a fraction of it before I started paying overdue fines.

Plus, it had no spaceships.

Anonymous said...

I did take a look at it, and I was impressed by the weightiness of your reading material.

Asteroidea Press said...

Those are so beautiful.

Soldering irons and heat guns *are* pretty sexy.