Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Maple Leaf Brass Band: Concert Report

Have I ever mentioned that I lead a charmed life? One of the examples of this is that I am allowed to play in the the Maple Leaf Brass Band. Our concert on Saturday night was awesome. We played some of the most wonderful brass arrangements out there and from where I sat we sounded wonderful.

Assuming that what audience members told us was honest, they seemed to enjoy it also.

One person wrote:

I have been thinking about the concert last night … It was √©blouissant… I wanted to get up and go lie down in the middle of the band… and be wrapped up in the music.

We debuted the new brass arrangement of Gayfer's The Wells of Marah. I've quickly grown to love the piece and was delighted that several people I spoke with afterwards mentioned that they had liked it also. It's the sort of music that deserves an epic movie of its very own.

And playing with Nick Hudson and Karen Donnelly put it over the top. There is nothing like having two of the best brass musicians in the world working with the band to make everyone try harder. They were so sweet, they even wore their Senators jerseys for the finale.

Ian Cooper has a detailed review of the concert here at 4barsrest.

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