Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Deodorant and Gender

Yesterday morning, I noticed that the label on my Lady Speed Stick was a sticker. It peeled off easily. I could put on my own label, I thought. Then this morning, Zoom came up with that same exact idea and I realized that I'd better do it fast before the idea loses momentum.

I'm happy with my re-branding, but it is at times like this that I wish I blogged under an alias. I'm sure that if I had a less inhibited alter-ego, I could have come up with something far more masculine for my sweat-control.

Uses for Binder Clips

Our genius friend Megan has identified another fine and appropriate use for a binder clip - adornment. You'll see that she went with a single basic black clip fastened to a collar. Of course, an array of clips in bold colours could make an even more striking fashion statement.

(Do you see why I say she's a genius? It's that juxtaposition thing - the binder clip is the paradigm of a functional object that people don't notice and she has used it so that it's only function is to be noticed. Sheer brilliance.)

Read the TV Guide First

Here is a screenshot that partially demonstrates how reading the listings can keep you from even turning on the TV.

Blogs that Matter

Going back to Zoom, you should read her post from today, The real reason I support the crack kit program.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that not everybody loves Raymond?

Anonymous said...

David, I love what you've done with your Lady Speed Stick.

(And thank you for the link.)

David Scrimshaw said...

Anonymous, I'm not saying that everybody hates Raymond, but while maybe somebody loves Raymond, it definitely is not accurate to say everybody loves him.

And Zoom, I'm glad you like the rebranding. It pays to keep a Sharpie around, and the link was the least I could do.