Saturday, October 20, 2007

Openings: Erin Robertson and Stefan Thompson

In my younger days, Friday nights were all about going to live music clubs and dancing. Now Friday nights are about catching up on sleep. But if I wind up just watching TV all evening, I feel depressed. This is why it is great that there are often art openings on Friday night. Yesterday, Art Guise had Erin Robertson and Invisible Cinema had Stefan Thompson. Both shows were wonderful and if I didn't have a big loan to pay off, I would have bought paintings from both of them. Robertson's paintings were emergency scenes, impressionist acrylic with thick layers of resin over them that made them look wet and shiny.
The Shepherd and other works by Stefan Thompson.
Thompson's are playful and sometimes creepy. He paints on re-used materials and advocates environment friendly methods.
A big Thank You! to Zoom for recommending the Stefan Thompson show, I would have missed it otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO HAPPY somebody went to Stefan's opening as a result of me doing the universe's bidding. I love the pictures. I'm going to check out the show next week and maybe if I'm lucky the universe will urge me to buy a painting. :)