Friday, October 05, 2007

Uses for Paper Clips: Hanging Binder Clips

I'm entirely pleased to be back at work using my vast legal knowledge for the betterment of society, not least because I have a new opportunity to create an efficient workspace.

In this case, the previous cubicle denizen left a bent paper clip hook hanging that has made an excellent mount for my collection of binder clips.

[Another reason I am happy in my new workspace is exhibited with that pushpin I did not crop out of the photo. I have more than enough pushpins! This is the first time I have ever started a new job and had more than enough pushpins. It is so nice to not have to sneak around stealing unused ones from other peoples' work stations or stapling things to public bulletin boards so I can remove the pushpins that were originally holding them there. This leads me to the observation that I find myself enjoying jobs far more now than I did twenty years ago. This might be because I no longer care much if my work is interesting. I mostly just want to spend my day around nice people and not have to struggle too hard to get the things I need to do my job.]


Anonymous said...

This is a very post-modern use of the binder clip.

Pearl said...

metaclipping wonderness.