Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flu Shots and Crayons

I stopped at the Adult High School on my way home from work and got my flu shot today. Filled out the forms and was ushered straight to a nurse. I assured her that I have no allergies and have never had trouble with a flu shot. She told me take tylenol but not aspirin if my arm hurts afterward and slid the needle in. Barely felt it.

She reminded me that I was supposed to wait 15 minutes and I said, "you bet," but my plan was to leave as soon as she was looking the other way. Until I saw the table with crayons and pictures of Gerri the Immunization Giraffe. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to colour one of these pictures, I thought, and if it takes 15 minutes, that'll be okay.

I have a tip for Ottawa Public Health - Either get better crayons or get a drawing that is less finely detailed. I tried to stay inside the lines but it was freaking impossible.

You know, when I was a kid it was clear to everyone that I would never be an artist because I couldn't draw inside the lines with crayons. Well who can?

Are there still adults out there who comment negatively on crayon colouring that goes outside the lines? If so, I'd like names and addresses so I can send them nasty letters.

City of Ottawa Free Flu Shot Clinics

Ontario by Region

Do we have to say it in sign language? Get the flu shot


Anonymous said...

Your colouring is beautiful... especially the parts outside the lines!

XUP said...

I'm still getting hell for colouring outside the lines - metaphorically speaking. I have a hard time staying within this box everyone keeps paying lip service to thinking outside of. They don't really mean it. They really want us all thinking inside the box. Outside the box thinking leads to insurrection and other unmanageable stuff.

David Scrimshaw said...

Manoushka, of course my colouring is beautiful, that's is not the point.

Ms Pedestrian, I think I understand. I get panicky when I'm inside a box.

I have a vague childhood memory of being inside a box with my brother Stephen sitting on the lid and not having enough leverage to get him off.

I've told people I want to be cremated so there is no possibility I will wake up buried in a coffin.

XUP said...

I totally agree on the coffin thing although that's not at all what I was talking about. I was sort of talking more about my job with the feds in Ottawa...yawn

Anonymous said...

Actually David, I believe that someone recognizing and encouraging that "colouring outside the lines" is beautiful is very important to the point your were making...

David Scrimshaw said...

Ms Pedestrian, all I can think to say is that if they make you stay inside the box, try to use as much space as you can and all six sides.

Manoushka, I see where you are going and it makes sense.

I just want kids to know that they should be colouring and drawing even when it doesn't look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dave, that must be a false memory because I can't remember ever doing that to you, although I wouldn't put it past you to have asked me to do that so that future Dave would have a reason why he wasn't good at colouring inside the lines :)

David Scrimshaw said...

Maybe I dreamed it, Steve. I can remember a couple of dreams from when I was about 4 where you did things that really made me mad.