Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Binder Clip Weirdness

Check this out:

It's a box of binder clips, but they call them "fold back clips". What is up with this?

Photo by Manoushka


Anonymous said...

When you think about it, "binder" is redundant as a modifier of "clip." Of course if it clips, it's going to bind too. Whereas "fold back" gives the reader a bit more information.... it's not just a clip, it's a clip that folds back.

I'm in favour of this evolution in clip terminology.

Anonymous said...

Am considering my earlier position. The Shorter OED, 3rd Edition, tells us that a binder is, among other things, "anything used to bind." In view of this definition, "clip" becomes the modifer of "binder." And it DOES provide singular information... while many things can bind--tape, string, chewing gum, vows of marriage--only a clip can bind through clipping.

So our friends at the Fold Back Clip company have turned the phrase on its head by turfing their principal noun "binder" in favour of "clip."

Well I'm still in favour. Progress. Evolving language. Got to roll with the punches and flow with the times.

Anonymous said...

Another company refers to them as presentation clips and claims that classic metallic clips add style!

They've certainly added a little je ne sais quoi to my Christmas tree!

Anonymous said...

How about Je Ne Sais Quoi Clips as a new name?
Or perhaps N'importe Quoi Clips.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, ├ža plane pour moi!