Monday, December 17, 2007

Inefficient Uses for Binder Clips - Headphone Cord Repair

Kerri at Abstract Random has an expensive set of iPod headphones that her boyfriend gave her. It seems there is a broken connection in the cord that she can "fix" with a binder clip.
Kerri blames herself for the broken connection. This makes me sad. Expensive headphones should be able to take a lot of tossing into and pulling out of purses without a wire breaking.
It also makes me sad that Kerri doesn't relish the opportunity this give her to take out her soldering iron and splice around the break.
Although if you're not going to get the pleasure of doing some soldering, a binder clip repair is probably the next most satisfying thing.


Anonymous said...

Me + sodering iron = for sure disaster.

zoom said...

Last week one of my coworkers got stuck in her pants because of a broken side zipper. Naturally she only discovered this when she desperately had to go to the bathroom.

She asked me to help free her. The zipper wouldn't budge. Eventually I had to cut her out of her pants. Afterwards I binder-clipped them back together so they wouldn't fall off.

Then she went home because she doesn't trust binder clips the way we do.

David Scrimshaw said...

Kerri, you under rate yourself, I am sure.

Zoom, I am going to guess that your hapless coworker also did not let you take a photo of the emergency repair.

zoom said...

David, I couldn't think of any way to take a picture without seeming like a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Might be a bit late for that!

zoom said...

Good point, but she's new. She doesn't know yet.