Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love that Ottawa Public Library Website

The Ottawa Public Library's web site is getting to be really good.

For example, you can now browse the "new arrivals" and "on order" science fiction books. [You can also browse the non-science fiction books but why would you want to?] [Oh, right, maybe you want to read Napoleonic-Era Naval Adventures. It is unfortunate that they don't have that as a browse option, but I'm sure it is on their list of features to be implemented.]

Some of the catalogue listings have links to a review of the book.

When there is no link to reviews, I've found Summize to almost always have a wide enough spectrum of opinions to let me judge whether a book is worth reserving.

Getting nack to the Library's site, the browse feature is nice, but the real power is in the Digital Media and Web Tools. Find Articles and Research Guides is a huge research resource. This is where to go when you are looking for a newspaper article that the newspaper wants you to pay for. It is also a great source for academic journal articles if you don't have access to a university or research centre database.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention it David - just yesterday I subscribed to the OPL's "non-fiction new arrivals" and "non-fiction on order" feeds. I don't know if the feeds are new, or I just never noticed them before, but I was very pleased to find them.

Anonymous said...


Good to know you are fan of OPL!

David Scrimshaw said...

Oh, yeah, I'm a huge fan of the OPL. I love requesting books. It blows me away that they will ship a book from Kanata to downtown for me and charge me nothing!

And Zoom, I think the feeds are pretty new.

Anonymous said...

the feeds have been there for a while but not well-publicized.....

the digital media and web tools page is new.