Monday, March 31, 2008

Lonesome Paul at the Kaffé 1870

Jody called me on Saturday and asked if I wanted to come over for supper and then go see Lonesome Paul.Note She and Michael had been out in Wakefield and just happened to see a poster that said he was playing that night.

For some reason, the poster made them think of me.

I'd been swimming and Kathy and we had talked about going to a movie because her usual Saturday night date had a big D&D game, and mine had wallpaper to remove. So Kathy and I went out to Michael and Jody's.

Before supper they played us a few recordings that will be on their next CD. Even before mixing they sound really good. We especially liked the one that Michael wrote about Jody. Kathy kept going on and on about it.

If you don't want to wait until the CD comes out, you may get a chance to hear these songs this weekend:

Saturday night: Ball and Chain at the Elmdale

Sunday afternoon: the Ottawa Opry at the National Library

After supper and a lot of talk about how much Jody and Kathy like little dogs, we made our way out to Wakefield. If you thought that the Black Sheep Inn is the only place to see music outside of Ottawa, you were mistaken. (But if you thought Wakefield was the only other town to go to, you're still right.) The Kaffé 1870 is cozy. Apparently the lead singer for the Fiftymen is one of the people running the place, so they understand how to put on live music. (Although they don't seem to know about placing listings in the Xpress.)

Paul had a fabulous group of musicians backing him up. Dave Bignall on guitar, Peter Van Althen on drums, James Stephens on bass and Keith Snider on fiddle and banjo.

Jody was getting all nostalgic because she remembers dancing in front of Dave Bignall and James Stephens 30 years ago when she first moved to Ottawa.

I've only been dancing to their music since 1987, so it didn't make me quite so nostalgic.



Anonymous said...

Actually, if you think Wakefield is the only other town to go to, you're wrong. Try Almonte.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention how much I hate wallpaper?

Lonesome Paul is very fortunate to have been immortalized in such a manner!

David Scrimshaw said...

Pandora, I thought Almonte was a town to go to in order to play music.

Anony-sweety, I think you may have mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

No darling, you're thinking of Ashton. Ashton is a great place to play music. And so is Almonte. But Almonte also is a great place to go to catch some great shows.